Private Training

We provide in-person and remote Product Discovery training for companies. The training features four modules, which can either be two full days (in-person) or 4 half days (remote).

The first module is predominantly theory, while the three subsequent modules are mainly about practicing Product Discovery techniques.

Participants will be divided into teams and each team will receive a case study, either B2C or B2B, given the context of the company.

By the end of the training, each team will have produced a prototype of a startup that will be pitched to everyone who’s attending.

The training is fast-paced and a lot of fun. We typically receive NPS scores of 50-100.

Module 1:

  • Theory about Product Discovery
  • Common traps that teams can fall into
  • Stories about failed products
  • Product Discovery principles
  • The Holistic Product Discovery framework

Module 2:

  • Risk mapping
  • User problem discovery

Module 3:

  • Business problem discovery
  • User solution discovery

Module 4:

  • Prototyping
  • Validation techniques
About the trainers

Martin Christensen

Holistic Product Discovery Author Martin Christensen

I'm a Transformational Agile and Product Discovery coach. I coach individuals, teams and organizations to be more effective and efficient with product and service development.

About the trainers

Marcus Castenfors

Holistic Product Discovery Author Marcus Castenfors

I'm a startup founder and Product Leadership Coach at Crisp. I coach teams, individuals, and organizations to build better products for their customers.

Testimonial Quote Icon

Jenny Halleni, Swedbank

a participant in one of our training sessions

Inspiring, very hands-on and well-spent money! Demystified the term “Discovery” and made it understandable for me. It is not about one big bang thing to do, but many small things in your everyday work. Most valuable – I came out with a feeling that I finally knew how to start this thing with my team!

Private Training Cost

One trainer (up to 20 participants)

Martin or Marcus

In-person, two full days
$/€ 12,000 +travel costs
Remote, 4 half days
$/€ 10,000

Two trainers (up to 40 participants)

Both Martin & Marcus

In-person, two full days
$/€ 20,000 +travel costs
Remote, 4 half days
$/€ 18,000

Each participant will also receive a physical copy of the book.
Email either Martin or Marcus for more information.